Friday, April 18, 2014

4/04 - Happy smiles through hunger and rain

Happy thinks fighting childhood hunger is a good thing.
We had a very dramatic drive home, with pouring rain and sun so bright the road gleamed like diamonds.
Lil' Guy did his best bouncing Scraggy imitation with my pants.

4/03 - Goldie and the clean team

With all the rain we’ve been having lately, it seems the timing for cleaning the building is a bit off, but it was still interesting to watch.

4/02 - Goldie says, "Let's eat!!"

We met my friend Rob for lunch and they did not want to wait for me to take my photo.  They were hungry!!

4/01 - Oh, no! I lost Goldie!!

I thought she was in my bag, but now I think I left her at one of my errands!  I am soooo sorry!


Goldie’s fine.    She was with me all along.  :)

Poor Peggy is not fine, though.  She sprained her ankle and has to wear a boot that looks just like mine did.

3/31 - Goldie wants pets

Yes, she would like scratches behind the ears, but she also wants to take Nancy’s small Chinese dragons home as pets.  I told her dragons do not make good pets.  And Nancy is using them to guard her desk.

3/28 - Jewel makes Patrick blush *and* the twins steal the show

Turns out Patrick is easily embarrassed by photos and flirty chicks.
We went to see the twins in their school musical and they rocked it.  We were so proud of them!!

3/27 - Rainbow Dash finds a rainbow field

She tiptoed through the tulips quite happily.

3/26 - Rainbow Dash finds only rain

We didn’t go out for a walk today because it was raining.  We didn’t want Rainbow Dash’s paint to come off.

3/25 - Rainbow Dash can make friends anywhere

We met up with Wanda and Ashley from my old work.  It was great to see them!  They asked if I'd brought a friend, and I set Rainbow Dash on the bar. The people behind the counter got very excited and brought out some of *their* toy friends!  One was a small bamboo named Jason.
Ashley is always a good sport.

3/24 - Rainbow Dash joins a gang

I found 2 Pokemon cards in my coat pocket – Pansage and Drifloon! Rainbow Dash was really happy to have some friends to play with while I’m having a busy busy week.